What they Say

Karl Schlothauer - Owner - The Pocket Group Sydney
"The best, no doubt."

Richard really knows his stuff around licensed premises, particularly small bars.

Definitely the person to go to for DA & licensing requirements, or just dealing in problem resolution and understanding what Councils or Licensing authority conditions mean.

The best no doubt.

Pocketbar Node Sydney
Cre Asion Node Sydney
Yu Sakasi - Owner - Cafe Cre Asion Sydney
"Within two months I had tripled my turnover!" 

Richard was really helpful to me when I was a new start-up. 

I knew what I was doing with my product, but I had no experience in running my business. Richard came and sat in my business on a number of occasions, just watching, and each time suggested a few little changes, and set me some targets.

The changes were immediate in how they paid back in returns. I started taking more money and within two months I had tripled my turnover. 

Richard was really great at understanding me and what I was trying to do and then maximising this within my business setting.

Amir Halpert - Owner - The Owl House Sydney
"I'd totally recommend him..."

More than anyone in this city, Richard changed the culture of the city’s relationship with alcohol.

He really understood what the opportunity was and made it happen for all small bar operators, whether they know this or not, he drove the cultural and business change in this sector.

I’d totally recommend him and his company for any advice about starting up or adapting your business to maximize the opportunity.

The Owl House Node Sydney
Eden Elan - General Manager - Bondi Hall / Reuben Hills / PCP
"...went beyond what was expected throughout the whole process..."

"Richard was great to work with, we had a really challenging process and a lot of hoops to jump through and Richard went beyond what was expected throughout the whole process and even long after our submission he remained a huge help.


Would highly recommend his services."

David Bowers - Owner - Alpha Communications Group

"After just a few sessions I knew exactly what the business opportunity was and how to make it happen."

Dr Tyrone Pitsis - UTS Sydney
"Business cannot afford not to employ your skills"

"If organisations want to keep doing what they do, and not differentiate themselves or innovate, then they would not engage someone like Richard. 
They would do more of the same old thing and they would not risk investing in him. 

However in today's market of unparalleled uncertainty and risk, people with his experience and background are the ideal consultant because he is best able to help them deal with the turbulence they will face and understand the opportunities that exist.

In other words, business cannot afford not to employ your skills" 

"We hit reset and built the business from scratch.

After just a few sessions I knew exactly what the business opportunity was and how to make it happen. I now knew my business. I had both confidence in what I was doing and direction on how to do it.

I picked up valuable national accounts in the first week of us working together. Accounts that’ll make my business. No matter what I now do, I learnt so much working with Richard this is the best and most significant money I’ve spent in setting up my company

I cannot recommend Richard highly enough as a consultant, brand and marketing expert, coach and advisor, whatever the issue. I’m sure he can help anyone like he helped me. Amazing."