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Having led some of the most transformative and innovative business programs in Sydney over the last decade we know how to help you understand your opportunity and how to deliver results


We provide valuable and unique, market and business insight; based on actual business ownership, as well as helping establish over 1,000 businesses like yours in Sydney since 2008. 

We have contributed core delivery for Sydney on;

  • The Laneways Program

  • The Finegrain Program

  • The Small Bars Program

  • The Sydney Food Trucks Policy and Strategy (as well as it award winning app!)

  • The Business 101 Seminars attended by over 3,000 new businesses and start-ups. 


Ideas and innovation are crucial to keeping cities vibrant

Richard Roberts, Node Sydney Business Specialist


Opportunities and true innovation exist through a combination of ideas, people and place.


At Node we are passionate about understanding the correct combination of these elements to encourage and realise the potential of your ideas.


We firmly believe that ideas and innovation are crucial to keeping cities dynamic and vibrant, with new business at its core


Too often regulations and controls that were intended for one thing are often, perhaps incorrectly, used as barriers to maintain the norm. This can have the effect of stifling creativity and instead become barriers to change and further innovation. We understand this space and how to negotiate it effectively.


Great ideas and true innovation often come from those with little resource. We have been lucky enough to learn how to maximise these ideas from some incredible, globally recognised experts in their field. 


Our contact with these role models taught us that it is just as important to understand and help the community if you want to see genuine growth.


We’ve been incredibly fortunate to be both successful and to have had access to these figures. We think it’s vital to share that experience to help the next generation of business operators and entrepreneurs understand their value and how to deliver their ideas.

Nothing pleases us more than seeing an idea grow from a piece of paper to a fully fledged, successfully functioning business.

Richard Roberts - Expert Consultant
Exec. MBA Business. Dip Business (UK) 

A specialist in business models, branding and marketing, including social media strategy, business strategy, business education and business 'health checks'.


Also an expert in the complex relationship between business and Government, with a deep understanding from both perspectives and how they can best interact to maximise opportunity.

Whatever boutique, unique, interesting or innovative business you may run or be seeking to start, my experience and insight can bring a considered, alternative perspective and understanding to what may be a new business, or a unique or persistent issue.

I know small business, I also have access to an incredible network of specialists. It is rare to come across a problem that cannot be solved.

Also available as a qualified experienced educator or presenter on matters relating to small business with experience in local government and small business, their shared opportunities and communication between all stakeholders as well as trainer / educator at TAFE NSW in all matters business.

The knowledge and experience I have accrued through years of both consulting to and running small businesses, can provide your new or existing business with the best possible opportunity for success. 

Tracy Martin - People and Culture

Tracy is an expert in building teams, creating cultures and aligning organisational structures.

She is also a thought leader in setting up and aligning your business firmly through your core 'Business Values'  - Your 'Vision' and 'Mission' and why they are important in setting you on the right road to success for both you and your business.

Tracy's strength is in empowering and supporting transformation for authentic leadership to create bottom line success.

She will help you identify your core strengths and weaknesses and then work with you and your team to align your strategy to create a platform for personal fulfilment and business success.

Tracy is always looking at the 'real' big picture. Businesses flourish through the quality of their people and what they represent - Your Business.

Her experience and passion within cultural change, building trusting relationships, inspiring effective stakeholder connection and leadership coaching has allowed her to develop a broad skillset of powerful tools and tailor solutions for your business.

Cathy Levins-Byres – Strategic Activation,
Stakeholder Engagement and Place Making.



Cathy is passionate and committed to supporting small to large business to achieve innovative and sustainable outcomes that leave a positive legacy. 


Through skilful engagement and exceptional creativity, she brings energy and motivation to create premium products, uphold brand authenticity and add vitality to places and spaces and the wellbeing of people that use them.


Cathy is skilled in event management, marketing, the creative industries, place management and high level stakeholder engagement across both fine grain and mass gathering events and activations. 


She has vast expertise serving corporate and government clients in driving revenue, managing stakeholder relations and delivering innovative projects across multiple sectors from retail, fashion, music, arts, events and urban place making. 


Cathy recently concluded 7 years as a Senior Manager with the NSW State Government and is proud of her considerable contribution to the activation and place making strategies for iconic tourism precincts, The Rocks and Darling Harbour.  Prior to this, Cathy was the co-founder/Director of Ecco Productions, strategic event management and delivery.

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