New Business Start Up

New Business Start-Ups

We ran the the City of Sydney Small Business 101 seminars from 2008 until 2015and through this we have met close to 3,000 new start up business operators. Richard delivered all aspects of this program for the City. 

Each year he would decide what would be the 'Hot Topics' for business in the city over the next twelve months as well as what the city itself was trying to achieve.

Once these topics were selected, he would then schedule, set agendas and choose relevant speakers to deliver a message of what can be achieved working productively with the city.

Presenters included Small Bar, nudie and Will Young who set up Campos Coffee.

We know small business and have access to an incredible network of experts. It is rare to come across a problem that cannot be solved..

Richard is also an expert on local government and small business interactions, opportunities and communication.


Small Bars and Restaurant Specialists

Small Bars and Restaurants Specialist

We are specialists in the establishment of Small Bars and boutique-licensed restaurants.


We can advise on site suitability for a proposed business and its complex array of stakeholders in relation to process around planning controls including


  • Development Applications

  • Zoning types

  • Clustering

  • Local objectors

  • Equitable access

  • Acoustic requirements; and 

  • Night time trading hours


We are also experts in the NSW licensing process, which has its own unique set of legislation and processes to navigate.


We can also advise on your business plan, modelling, strategy, market placement, design, stock, staffing and how to set targets.


Licensing changes on 1st July 2013 offer new and existing businesses a whole new range of opportunities and options to establish a licensed premise in NSW.


Whilst we have assisted with the opening of a high percentage of Sydney’s small bars, you should note that we do not own a small bar.


This is important to emphasise to potential operators, so you can trust us with ideas and budgets, in confidence.


Unlike other consultants, we are not your competitors, we are a specialist in the process, with the ideas and knowledge of how to open a successful small bar.



Online, offline, word of mouth, tweeting, blogging, whatever your idea, there are now numerous ways of bringing customer awareness to your business.


But it’s not just about what you do, but how you do it.


Strategy is key.


Know how to target who you want to reach. Social Media platforms are the tool, its how you use them that is the key to your success.

Having been involved in some of the most successful music industry campaigns through to some of the most successful new businesses in Sydney, we can offer interesting and innovative angles to achieve outcomes for your business. We know how to use the tools that Social Media provides to your voice and to your audience.


We can also offer advice on concept, branding and customisation, whatever you may know, or think you need, we work with you to deliver your outcome.

Business Planning / Consulting

Business Planning / Consulting

Whatever boutique, unique, interesting or innovative business you may run, our experience and insight can bring a considered, alternative perspective and understanding to what may be a new, unique or persistent problem.

The knowledge and experience we have accrued through years of both consulting to and running small business, can provide your new business with the best possible checklist for success. 

Business Health Check

Business Health Check

Whether you’ve been trading for a week, a month or a year. If you’re tracking at expectation, or below, perhaps even above, sometimes you just need another experienced voice that can understand you, your business and the outcomes you are trying to achieve.

Like you, from time to time, your business may just need a check up to ensure all is well and there is nothing hidden in the shadows of your business or outside influences such as, market trends or the social or political environment that may impact on your direction.

The knowledge and experience we have collected through years of consulting to and running a small business, can provide your business with the best possible checklist for success. 

Online Content Creation

Online Content Production

To maintain relevance in todays market you will need to produce a website that accurately tells your story and ensures your business stands out from the crowd. Choosing your voice and content is crucial to achieve this.


Our content professionals can help you develop and produce unique content for your business, be it written word, visuals, photography, or video that speaks to your customers and tells them your story.

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